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Greetings from Wry Oaks!

I’m very fortunate to have had Alex Hoffman review my 2016 graphic novella, Draw Blood. If you haven’t read Draw Blood and you’re interested it’s available for your perusal under the ‘books’ heading above. Alex is the mastermind behind the site – a treasure trove of fine writing on the subject of comics. If your tastes are towards the artsy, indie, alternative and/or self-published it’s a great resource. His articles are high minded, but not academic, filled with critical insights, and yet never pedantic.
Not only that – he’s shown the good sense of covering my stuff! Thank you, Alex. Here’s the link;

As usual I’m also working on some other projects in addition to drawing BEST DAY EVR!
It’s good for me – and it’s good for the comic, as it brings added weirdness and abilities to the strip.
Below are a couple of pages from a new short comic I’m completing about the Black Death. The title is 1547. The Black Death, you say? That doesn’t sound very comic-friendly. Well, it’s really about keeping one’s chin up no matter how bad the circumstances.
I hope you like it.

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